Photos: Ice removed from the Scottrade Center

It happened much too soon. Workers got to work removing the ice from the Scottrade Center on Tuesday. It’s a sad sight, but it’s also kind of fascinating. The photo at the top of this page, via KMOV, is almost artistic as it’s the only Cup which will be hoisted inside the Scottrade Center in […]


Verizon boosts service in the Scottrade Center

Cell service is notoriously awful inside the Scottrade Center. Even what should be fairly simple, like sending a text message, is nearly impossible. Don’t even try to surf the web or make a call. The idea of having Wi-Fi inside the arena is one that seems like a distant dream. Verizon has taken steps to […]


Blues control their own playoff destiny

Thanks to yet another shootout victory on Thursday night – this time against the Phoenix Coyotes – the Blues all but officially took control of their playoff destiny. Prior to the big win against Phoenix, the Blues already mostly controlled their playoff future, but they got a much tighter grip on the reigns by adding […]