Special Teams Click … Because of 6 Men?

Special Teams Click … Because of 6 Men?

The Blues went 4-for-5 last night on the power-play. Great to see the specials teams get rolling again but it is important to point out one tiny fact that may have gone overlooked by many watching the game last night. On their last goal, the Blues clearly had six men on the ice before netting their seventh of the game. I thought I might have been seeing things, but checking the replay and finding some streaming video confirmed this. This wasn’t one of those questionable too many men calls, this one was blatant. Screencap inside.

So maybe it only should have been six to two last night. The Blues last call definitely came with too many men on the ice, but somehow the officials, Edmonton’s players and coaching staff, as well as fans and TV broadcasters alike all missed this one.

Thanks to stlfanatic22 for the image. The NHL streaming video confirms what we already believed. Use your best Sesame Street skills and count all the Blues below:


Hard to dispute this one. Clearly there are six men out there. This mix up likely occurred since Andy Murray gave some guys power-play time that normallyrarely see it, such as Winchester and Jackman.

Obviously this didn’t have a major impact on the game as the Blues still walked all over the Oilers throughout the rest of the game – with just five men I might add.