Perron’s Recovery Inching Forward

Perron’s Recovery Inching Forward

David Perron

David Perron’s recovery has been a topic of intrigue dating back to the first few weeks of the 2010-11 season following the original injury. Now we are about to flip the calendar to June and we’re mostly still left with the same questions we had from several months ago. However, Jeremy Rutherford of the Post-Dispatch reports that Perron has stated he is feeling better but has yet to complete the needed tests in order to begin training over the summer.

The news that Perron is feeling better is encouraging, but the fact the injury occurred on November 4th of 2010 and he has yet to get back to training is beyond worrisome. Post-concussion syndrome can vary greatly from individual to individual as we have seen within the St. Louis lineup, but the fact this has plagued Perron so significantly has to raise some questions within the Blues organization about what to do moving forward.

GM Doug Armstrong mentioned in Rutherford’s article that if Perron continued having symptoms in July that the Blues would plan to start the 2011-12 season without him.  As of this time, it’s tough to predict whether or not Perron will be cleared by July to resume training. None of us could have predicted his post-concussion syndrome would have gone on this long, so it is silly to speculate about when he might be finally given the clearance to practice.

Looking further ahead, one has to wonder how things will go once Perron actually does resume training. The big fear, obviously, is that he suffers another setback. It’s not fun to bring up, but there’s a legitimate fear that this injury could have career implications, as we don’t know how he will respond to in-game action or another crunching hit. This concern is a bit of a pessimistic one and is one where the cart is placed before the horse, but it is one weighing on fans’ minds.

Since learning that Vladimir Tarasenko will remain in Russia during the 2011-12 season, the Blues are placed in a tough spot. Perron’s return to make opening day seems optimistic at best at this time. The ownership concerns will greatly limit what the Blues can do in the free agent market. These scenarios will likely force the Blues to make a serious effort to retain their own free agents, simply because they won’t be in a position to make a push for any of the larger fish in the open market.

Stay tuned. Perron’s situation is one that might be progressing at a crawl, but we can be thankful it is at least moving forward.