Tough Stretch Ahead

Tough Stretch Ahead

Things won’t be getting any easier for the Blues anytime soon. After getting blanked in Chicago, the Blues allowed a struggling Lightning team to come in and walk all over, netting six goals in the process. And here we thought the win over Calgary on Brett Hull night could have been a turning point. Once again, the Blues came out last night and just didn’t look like a side who 1) knew how to win a game and 2) knew how to play hockey that is not described as “sloppy”. The worst part? The rough stretch still lies ahead.

Between the 20th and the 26th, the Blues play four times, all on the road. Sunday against Vancouver, Monday Edmonton, Wednesday Calgary and finally Saturday in Minnesota. Lots of travel, little time to rest. But it doesn’t end there. When all is said and done, the Blues will play seven times in 12 days. Thank the Olympic break this season for the crazy scheduling.

Maybe this is what the team needs – lots of games and the potential to string something together without having to wait several days before taking the ice again. Or… maybe this will be an utter disaster that sends the team into a wave of coaching and personnel changes. Time will tell, but if I was a betting man (O.K., I am a betting man) I’d lean towards the idea that this will not be a pretty time for the Note.

I’ve been wrong before – hell, my prediction was this team would capture a playoff spot and finish 6th or 7th in the West and now that requires an epic turn around, and now I am hoping I am wrong once again.

Lots of travel lies ahead of the Blues and maybe that’s a good thing. An 8-3-3 record away from the Scottrade is pretty impressive and is something to be proud of. Their road record has been one of the lone bright spots this season so there is the possibility that the team will not only survive this insane Christmas week of hockey, but maybe even come out on the other side with a better spot in the standings.

…but I wouldn’t bet on it. At least, not yet.

My apologies go out to the season ticket holders. You guys have had it pretty rough this year.