Drew Doughty Receives Minor Fine for Hit on Oshie. Consistency?

Doughty Receives Fine for
Hit on Oshie. Consistency?

In case you missed last night’s tilt against the Los Angeles Kings, or turned things off in the final minute, you missed a dangerous check by LA’s Drew Doughty on TJ Oshie. With a handful of seconds to go, Doughty shoved Oshie into the boards, causing Oshie’s face to smash along the seam separating the glass and the boards. The hit was very similar to Chris Stewart’s hit on Niklas Kronwall – a hit that brought a 3-game suspension. Doughty’s discipline? $2500 and no suspension as reported by the NHL. What happened to consistency, NHL?

The obvious answer is that the NHL has never been consistent in terms of discipline. The only difference this time around was that now, with Shanahan doing the rulings, the NHL has made a case to be more fair and equal.

Well, you can throw that out here. This hit was clearly deserving of some sort of discipline as it directly compared to the case that cost Stewart three games. Compared the two below. The only major difference is the time the infraction occurs, with Doughty’s hit coming as the game is ending. Still, that shouldn’t influence the obvious decision to discipline a player that got lazy and made a dangerous check.

Maybe Shanahan has already started his Thanksgiving break, and thus, Doughty receives a minor, minor penalty while Stewart’s play receives a more severe one. Honestly, I can’t explain it but I, along with many fans, am growing tired of how justice never seems to be served squarely or fairly.

Drew Doughty’s Hit on Oshie ($2,500 fine)

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Chris Stewart’s Hit (3-games, and as a result forfeits $46,621.62)

Is there really a difference in these hits that can make someone judge one is worthy of three games and the other no games?

I don’t think there is.

A lot of fans clamor that the NHL doesn’t give the Blues the benefit of the doubt and often rules against them. I don’t necessarily believe that’s true but I do believe in this case the Blues got worked over.