Brett Hull Night – Ceremony on TV, Game Not

Brett Hull Night
Ceremony on TV, Game Not

bretthullHoping to see the ceremony to honor Brett Hull before tonight’s game against Calgary? You’re in luck. The ceremony in it’s entirety will be aired live on Fox Sports Midwest. And the game itself you ask? Sorry Blues fans, no local television for this one – and this time you don’t need to point a finger at Dish Network or FSM. Maybe all of us are lucky this one won’t be aired considering the recent trend over at the Scottrade. However, a losing result could put the wheels in motion for a big change in the near future. Get ready Blues fans, the season could be at a pivotal stage and you won’t be able to watch – unless you find an online feed streaming a Calgary broadcast.

Versus owns the rights to the Blues vs Calgary matchup tonight, but they have chosen to instead air the meeting between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, meaning that the only way to see tonight’s game is through your computer latching on to a feed from Calgary. What a shame. A night to honor Brett Hull and the very game won’t even be shown in St. Louis. Props to FSM for at least stepping up to show the ceremony prior to the puck drop, but honestly, how ironic that a night to recognize a player who was a key to hockey in St. Louis will be held before a game no one in St. Louis can see. Great planning by everyone on this one.

The game itself could prove a turning point if the Blues slump on home ice as they have so often this season. Ownership may claim to still have confidence in coach Andy Murray, but they aren’t deaf – they know the fans aren’t happy. It’s never a good sign when fans are noticeably pessimistic before a home game because their team has yet to show up on a regular basis on home ice. Season ticket holders have seen some horrific performances that greatly outnumber the good ones, and when your season ticket holders aren’t happy and are calling for a change, it is only a matter of time until you listen and execute.

At this stage, another home loss is not only inexcusable, but I think it would set the wheels in motion in removing Andy Murray. O.K., let’s not kid ourselves. The wheels have been in motion really ever since the Blues took weeks to look like a side that had seen a puck before following their Sweden trip. Tonight’s game could just be an exclamation point on the “Get Rid of Murray” campaign.

If you remember back, you’ll recall the last matchup against Calgary ended in OT, with Dion Phaneuf blasting a shot to give two points to the Flames. Seems like a long time ago. This time an OT loss won’t suffice. Any result other than a win should signal big changes around the Blues organization. If not then, when?

Maybe Brett Hull night will inspire the team, but I have thought that about so many other things already this season.