Blues Outdoor Viewing Party in Forest Park Dec. 4

Blues Outdoor Viewing Party
Forest Park – Dec. 4

The Winter Classic may be taking place in Pittsburgh this year, but that won’t stop St. Louis from holding their own spin on the event. On December 4th at the Steinberg outdoor skating rink in Forest Park, Blues fans can participate in a huge viewing party featuring a 35-foot screen.

Starting at 6pm and lasting until midnight, Blues fans can come together to not only watch the game on the large outdoor screen, but also watch the pregame and postgame shows live as they take place at the rink.

“We expect thousands of fans to join us to create an incredible atmosphere and a really special night,” said FOX Sports Midwest General Manager and Senior Vice President Jack Donovan.

“Our plans are coming together quickly and everyone we’ve talked to is enthusiastic,” said FOX Sports Midwest Marketing Director David Pokorny.  “In fact, right now we’re looking for a foghorn to celebrate the Blues goals.”

There is no cost to attend, however food, drinks and skating will be sold by the Steinberg rink.

Nice to see the Blues try and create their own unique spin on an outdoor event and hopefully this leads to more traditions featuring the Blues in the future.