Blues Fans Celebrate Christmas in Style

Blues Fans Celebrate
Christmas in Style

Christmas 2011 has come and gone. The presents are all unwrapped, the food has been eaten (unless you’re lucky and have some left over) and life is starting to return to normal. If you’re a big Blues fan, which I can assume you are if you’re reading this, odds are pretty high you received a gift relating to our favorite hockey club the St. Louis Blues. Thanks to Twitter, fans have been able to connect and share what they received on Christmas. The results and photos are below.


A reliable gift option for any Blues fan, you don’t have to worry about this gift not fitting or being returned. I was lucky enough to receive tickets to the team’s big win against Dallas, and was fortunate to be sitting along the glass for the second time in my career as a fan (Thanks to my brother for the awesome gift).

I was able to snap a couple decent photos, my favorite being one  of Dallas’ Brenden Morrow (#10 below), who upon realizing I took his picture fired a wrist shot off the glass where I was sitting, with a smirk. A fun moment where fan connects with player, and vice versa.


 St. Louis Blues Toaster

Odds are decent you’ve seen the infamous NHL themed toasters in the NHL shop online, but if you haven’t, you’re about to see one of the best ways to show your fandom in an edible form.

One of my favorite follows on Twitter, ClaudiaDCuba received said toaster and went to work creating a piece of St. Louis Blues artwork on her bread – a process that involved using different styles of bread to achieve the ideal look. You’ll also notice a small Blues pin she received to complete her Christmas haul.


Blues Car Mats

The perfect gift for the fan that wants to take his Blues pride everywhere he goes, Blues car mats. Fan Jgacioch17 will now sport team pride below him everywhere he drives, along with a team decal to alert all other drivers of the team he supports. You’ll also notice a knit hat in the photo below.


Gifts for the Youngest of Fans

It’s great to see parents with their children at hockey games, explaining the nuances of the game to them. It’s also great to see a proud child thrilled with his new Blues gear, which is exactly the photo that  Mike_Mitchell72 sent along. His kid is now easily the best dressed at school.


Blues Pajama Pants

A true Blues fan wants to display their pride at all hours of the day – even those spent asleep. Thanks to KingDonutI for this pic.


Blues Sweatshirt

Realistically, a jersey of your favorite club looks the best when at a hockey game. For normal day to day use, it looks a bit out of place. Unless you live in a city such as Montreal where local law requires you to wear a Canadiens jersey any time you leave the house, you’ll likely want a more subtle, warmer option to go with – the Blues sweatshirt or hoodie. Thanks to EvanHicksKC for sharing a photo of the hoodie he received.


Blues Slippers

Fact: slippers are awesome. Fact: team apparel is awesome. By using some basic transitive property, we can infer that slippers of your favorite team are super awesome. Thanks to STLBluesBash for modeling these bad boys.


Gifts for the Super Fan

If you’re a Blues fan that’s on Twitter, you might be familiar with @ItsJustStarla. If you’re unfamiliar with her, you should change that ASAP. Starla gives new meaning to the definition of “Super Fan”, as evidenced by her haul from this year’s Christmas.

In the photo below you’ll see a room full of Blues loot, including a Louie Pillow Pet, mirror, blanket, jersey shirts and a hoodie – all Blues themed, of course.


Did you think that was all? As any cheesy TV game show announcer from the 70s might say, “But wait! There’s more!”. Starla also included a photo of a Blues necklace she received as well as her husband’s haul which includes a Blues license plate, hat and Steen shirt.

As a couple, I think it’s safe to say that these two won Christmas.




There you have it! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and thanks to everyone that sent me a photo. If you somehow got overlooked, my apologies. Had more submissions than I ever would have imagined. Can’t wait for next year!