His Days are Numbered

His Days are Numbered

murray_andy_featureThe Andy Murray era is coming to an end in St. Louis, likely in a matter of days or possibly weeks. Last might (a game I’m glad I missed) the Blues blew a third period lead and allowed Edmonton to light the lamp a whopping four times in the final period, defeating the Blues 5-3. Seriously, did someone put a hex on the Scottrade that we aren’t aware of? Why is the play at home so different than that on the road? No one knows the answer (obviously) including coach Andy Murray, which is why his job is not only in jeopardy, but likely ending sometime very soon.

I hate to see someone lose their job, but let’s face the facts here. The slow and sluggish starts, the inability to finish and the uninspired play on home ice. Granted, a lot of blame goes on the players themselves. However, many times the Blues don’t look prepared on the ice or don’t look fired up for the job at hand – a responsibility of both the coach and players. Sometimes, the lines thrown out on the ice have been frankly puzzling. The checking line has been sent out countless times when the Blues are clinging to a lead. So much for the “best defense is a good offense” saying. The OT play has been one I would describe as “frightened turtle”.

The beginning of the season saw some line combos that clearly didn’t work. Really, I can only think of one line that looked threatening almost immediately (not counting the brief sight of the kid line) and that was the Backes-Kariya-Oshie line. Most times however the lines are changed, then changed again. While I understand the right pairings need to be found, the constant switching doesn’t allow for any chemistry to develop.

The power-play. Yikes. Andy Murray relinquished control of the power-play but the damage was already done. Dreadful, horrible and unsightly – take your choice of adjectives, any will do.

This team is much too talented to be where it is and way too talented to be embarrassed like they were last night. I follow the Blues as closely as anyone and I’m struggling to find a reason as to why a team with this much young talent and outstanding goaltending can be where they are in the standings. I especially wish the Blues’ marketing team never rolled out that awful “you are the last piece of the puzzle” campaign, which never was true in the first place. The Blues should have made the playoffs this season, but win it all? Not this year.

Currently the playoff picture is quite cloudy. The team is setting itself up for failure. A miracle comeback in the second half is looking like it will once again be a necessity for this team to reach the playoffs.

Andy Murray, I’m afraid things just haven’t looked right this entire season. I was thrilled when you were brought in and defended you in the early going. Clearly things here are not working. In my mind, it’s a matter of days before the news is official.