Don’t Open the Roman Polak Door Compilation

Don’t Open the Roman Polak Door Compilation

Combine one angry Roman Polak with one great quote from Ken Hitchcock and you have Internet gold. After Polak unleashed his aggression on Justin Braun’s face in Game 2, Hitchcock stated, “Don’t open the Roman Polak Door. Don’t ever open that door”. Fans took the quote and ran with it, making various images and posters that bring Hitchcock’s quote to life. If you made or saw one that wasn’t included leave a comment below. **Some images expand to larger sizes if you click on them**

Submitted by Josh Meir (jdstl84)

Submitted by Sarah Connors (she also submitted the one that begins the article)

Submitted by Lonnie Smith. Possibly the most creative take we have seen so far.

This one was found on Meme Generator. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track down who was responsible.

This one came from the folks over at In case you can’t make it out on your screen, there’s a Blues logo and Polak’s name on the door.

Good friend StlBluesChat on Twitter sent us his version of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World, who wisely knows not to open Polak’s door.

Luke Dix offers a version of The Shining.

Jeff Potzman gives his take with Xzibit below.

Who needs Photoshop when you have an actual photo of Polak sporting the “Weenie of the Game” hat without a shirt? Submitted by Drew Conklin.

Ironically, where the expression Polak and “Don’t Open the Door” is now referring to the defenseman’s physical toughness, this wasn’t always the case. Back on February 21st, 2011 Polak had an unfortunate encounter with the door leading to Chicago’s bench thanks to Marty Turco. As Polak edged along the boards Turco opened the door causing Polak to fall into the bench (Seen below).

It’s amazing how much things can change in just over a year.

Did you create a Polak “Don’t ever open that door” image that wasn’t included? Let me know either through Twitter or leave a comment below and it will get added.