Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger

Big Mac

Thanks to Matt Sebek of Joe Sports Fan and the St. Louis Blues official site, we now know just how many Big Macs were potentially given out as a result of the promotion involving the team scoring four or more goals at home. The short answer is: A lot.

Sebek’s awesome graphic not only reveals the total number of Big Macs eligible to be redeemed by fans (268,100) but a view of all the games where the promotion was given out.

Just a few days later, the team’s official site confirmed Sebek’s findings that McDonald’s potentially gave away nearly $1 million in Big Macs. Unfortunately, we can’t really get an official number due to the fact not every fan redeemed their ticket stub for a free sandwich.

Clearly, this was one of the team’s more successful promotions. According to Sebek’s graphic, 34% of all the Blues home games resulted in the promotion hitting.

Personally I was in attendance for two games in which the team tallied four goals or more, but neither time did I find myself at the golden arches the next day – and I’m betting I’m not alone in that statement. Still, there definitely was still an enormous amount of sandwiches given out but it likely fell well short of the maximum.

While on the subject of food giveaways, it’s impossible not to mention some of the other promotions we saw in the past including the unforgettable “We want tacos!” While the free Big Mac idea isn’t on par with the infamous Taco Bell promotion that nearly ran some stores out of business, it is better than the Dairy Queen promo from a couple years ago. The miniature (keyword, miniature) ice cream won from Dairy Queen wasn’t even worth a trip while, say what you will about health, the Big Macs are at least a meal.

Did you redeem a Big Mac when you had the chance? What do you make of the whole idea of the promotion itself?

And…since so many burgers were involved, this clip from the classic SNL days is a must.