Vote Your Blues Into the All-Star Game

Vote Your Blues Into
the All-Star Game

Jaroslav Halak

It’s that time of the year again. Voting is underway for the 2011-12 All-Star Game which is set to take place on Sunday, January 29th 2012 in Ottawa. This year, three Blues are on the 127-player ballot and here’s your chance to send them to Ottawa – for one night at least.

So which three members of the St. Louis roster are on this year’s ballot? Alex Pietrangelo, David Backes and Jaroslav Halak (seriously).

Yes, you read that correctly. The goaltender with the 2-6-1 record and the 2.78 GAA is eligible to go to the All-Star Game while other noteworthy goaltenders such as Detroit’s Jimmy Howard and Chicago’s Corey Crawford have been left off. Granted, I’m thrilled to see as many members of the St. Louis organization on the ballot as possible, but the decision to include Halak must have been one made prior to the season beginning.

The other two potential representatives, David Backes and Alex Pietrangelo are deserving of the honor despite the fact that neither currently carry offensive numbers that set them apart from the rest of the candidates. Pietrangelo skates like a man with decades of experience under his belt while Backes is an All-Star at every intangible aspect of the game – something that deserves recognition, in my opinion.

Rant aside, you can vote for the Blues here. When you vote, you can select three forwards, two defenseman and one goaltender. You can also vote via text message by sending the player’s last name to 81812. You can vote as often as you’d like.