Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night

On Monday, December 7th, the Blues take on the Colorado Avalanche at the Scottrade Center. It is Star Wars night at the arena. Seriously. Please stop laughing. Believe it or not, there is some method behind the madness. Odds are you’ll want to attend this one not just for the Blues hockey, but also to see all the costumes people show up in, including Blues mascot Louie who is supposedly set to return in a Darth Louie costume.

Huge marketing ploy? Yes. Silly idea? Yes. Fun for families with small children? Definitely.

While some may be against these types of sponsored nights (think back to the MLB in the Future game) they usually serve a purpose, and that’s to provide entertainment for those who might be too young to follow the game, thus making parents more willing to bring the family to the ol’ rink.

Personally, the majority of these nights aren’t for me. This one in particular screams marketing due to the fact Star Wars in Concert comes later in the week to the Scottrade. Oh well, I’m sure it will be fun but you won’t see this guy in anything other than Blues apparel while attending a Blues game (Sorry folks, no E-Wok or Jar Jar costume here).

Maybe the team just wanted another chance to show off Louie’s sweet Darth Vadar costume, which I must admit is pretty hilarious. Come on now, a big blue bear in a ridiculous over sized Vadar costume? Awesome.

Fans that do choose to show up in a Star Wars costume will receive 50% off lower bowl tickets, similar to the promotion the team ran on Halloween night. Good way to save money, if you’re into dressing up.

Hell, if it helps fill the Scott on what likely would be a rather sparsely filled Monday night crowd, I’m all for it.

During the night, fans can enter in a variety of contests for both Blues and Star Wars prizes. For more information on the Blues Star Wars night, head on over to the Blues official site.