Brian Elliott’s New Mask Again Features Casey Jones

Brian Elliott’s New Mask Again Features Casey Jones

Brian Elliott Casey Jones Mask

Back in September of 2011 you might recall I described Brian Elliott’s mask, one that featured Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As of today, Elliott now has a new paint job on his mask but once again you’ll see Casey Jones prominently featured – along with a clever nod to the lockout.

The photos of Elliott’s mask, courtesy of InGoal Magazine, depict Casey Jones sporting a St. Louis Blues jersey and with a hockey stick in his hand. You’ll note that Jones is busting through chains and a padlock, an apparent and blunt nod to the current lockout.

The other side of the mask has the club name, the arch and the team’s logo. Within the blue note is an image of Casey Jones again, complete with hockey mask.

Elliott’s old mask was pretty similar but this time around it’s clear he wanted to 1) feature Casey Jones much more prominently and 2) comment about the lockout without actually commenting about the lockout.