Ryan Reaves Heads to Orlando

Ryan Reaves Heads to Orlando

Ryan Reaves

NHL players have been flocking all over the world to find new places to play during the NHL lockout. Ryan Reaves found a new spot to skate as well, but, unlike his fellow teammates that have taken to Russia, Sweden and Germany, Reaves will be staying in the continental United States. The Orlando Solar Bears (what a name!) have signed Reaves to a deal during the lockout, as seen on the team’s official site.

The Solar Bears play in the ECHL and are an affiliate of the Minnesota Wild. They will give Reaves an opportunity to skate at a competitive level while the NHL and NHLPA try to find common ground.

Reaves’ signing won’t make any major headlines, but it’s nice to see him find a spot to play during the lockout. It’s been tough for other NHL enforcers to find work but Reaves brings a bit of skill and a bit of finesse to the table that other enforcers lack.

According to the team’s press release, Reaves will join the team and start playing immediately.