Huskins Ankle Deeply Bruised, Not Broken

Huskins Ankle Deeply Bruised,
Not Broken

On October 29th, reports surfaced that Kent Huskins had fractured his ankle. Today, following new examinations on the Blues defenseman, his diagnosis has been improved to a deep bruise rather than the feared fracture, as reported by Lou Korac. He is day-to-day.

It’s not often a believed break in a bone is changed to being something as simple as a bruise, so we’ll consider ourselves lucky on this one. Huskins suffered the injury after blocking a shot at an awkward angle in a game against the Calgary Flames and the initial word was that he broke his ankle and would be forced to spend time on the IR.

However, upon returning to St. Louis, Huskins was fully examined and today the injury was revealed to just be a deep bruise. This means that Huskins return to the lineup will come much sooner than we all anticipated – a welcome diagnosis given his fantastic start with the Blues.

Now, if only the other St. Louis skaters on the IR could receive similar fortunes.