2010-11 Season Winding Down

2010-11 Season Winding Down

BJ Crombeen

This week marks the final stretch of the 2010-11 season for the St. Louis Blues. Following their game against Nashville on Sunday night, the doors on the year will officially be closed. For some, it comes as a welcome end to a very disappointing season while for others it brings new frustrations as once again other teams skate in the postseason while the Blues watch.

For the optimist, the end of the 2010-11 season comes as a positive as it means the 2011-12 season is just that much closer. The pessimist may view it very differently, as the off-season holds plenty of questions before we can arrive at the 2011-12 season. Questions concerning ownership of the organization could completely overshadow the free-agent period and loom like a dark storm cloud over the club.

Hopefully, with a little luck, the organization will find a new owner in time to make the free-agent period a memorable one – after all, the Blues do have an immense amount of salary cap to work with. Hopefully, also with a little luck, we will also hear positive reports of David Perron making significant progress on his road to recovery.

Once this week concludes, you can expect an article on this year’s MVP as well as the team’s most surprising player. The two I plan on selecting should be pretty obvious, but there are plenty of additional candidates that will receive the praise they have deserved this season.

You can also expect an end of the year review on several key factors, the first likely being goaltending. That should be an interesting one as the numbers may surprise those that haven’t paid attention to Jaroslav Halak’s prior to coming to St. Louis.

The action off the ice this summer could easily be more interesting and more exciting than some of the action we saw on the ice this winter, so don’t be too quick to turn away from hockey related content as the weather warms up. This site, as well as all the usual suspects across the Internet, will keep on churning out the content even while the majority of the city of St. Louis switches to baseball.