The St. Louis Blues Need to Proofread Their Emails

The St. Louis Blues Need to Proofread Their Emails

There’s embarrassing and then there’s extremely embarrassing. The mistake above falls into the latter category. The above photo is taken from an email the St. Louis Blues recently sent out to fans informing them of the Ticketmaster resale program where fans can buy seats other fans can’t use or sell seats of their own they can’t use. Instead, the Blues or Ticketmaster forgot to edit the template and instead sent out an email containing information geared toward fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Oops.

Someone forgot to proofread.

It’s true, there really is no place like home ice. There’s also nothing quite like your favorite team sending out incorrect info that was clearly also sent to a rival club. Ticketmaster may have made the original mistake but we can all safely imagine the Blues monitor what goes out under their name, placing the blame directly on the home team’s shoulders.

Typos happen. It’s understandable. What isn’t understandable is how someone at the St. Louis office can be so asleep at the switch that they didn’t even catch the fact Nationwide Arena in Columbus was mentioned in the first line of the body of the email, as opposed to the Scottrade Center. Worse is the fact a few lines lower the Blue Jackets are mentioned directly by name.

It’s safe to assume Ticketmaster sent out a template to each and every NHL club. They probably indicated that each team would need to adjust a couple areas of text so that the message would seem personalized. It seems the Blues missed that part unless they are trying to plan some late, sad April Fool’s joke.

The timing really couldn’t be better as the Blues lost a brutal game at home just a few nights ago to Columbus and now send their fans an email with multiple mentions of the Blue Jackets.

The Blues and the front office need to wake up and get their act together. The playoffs are nearly here and it’s time for the actions on and off the ice to represent a first class organization.