Vote for David Perron – NHL Goal of the Year Goal of the Year
Vote for David Perron

Earlier this week we discussed a possible new contract for David Perron in the future, but now we take a moment to look back at one of the most exciting moments from the 2009-10 season. David Perron’s dandy of a goal against the New York Islanders has made it into the semi finals and is in contention for the NHL’s Goal of the Year.

You can support Perron’s goal by voting at to help push Perron through the semi finals and into the final round.

Perron’s goal squares off with a nifty play from Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin. Two truly great goals, but obviously Blues fans should take any opportunity they can to support their boys from St. Louis and any chance to put down those Canucks.

You can view both of the goals at the site, but below is the Perron goal in case you need a reminder as to why you should vote for the youngster.