What’s David Perron Worth?

What’s David Perron Worth?

St. Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils

The summer heat is finally here which means it’s time to start looking at contracts as free agency looms in the distance. This got me thinking – just how much is David Perron worth, and what would it take to keep him in St. Louis? I set the over/under line at $3,000,000 and asked my followers on Twitter for their input. Their views were clearly split.

David Perron is needing a new contract and the Blues and Perron will have to come to an agreement if he is going to stay in St. Louis. Some reports had Perron supposedly seeking $4,000,000 or more, but I’m throwing that out for lack of credibility.

That being said, I set a pretend line at $3 million – a number I would be happy to see Perron earn. I would be satisfied with the Blues going as high as $3.25 million, and perhaps $3.5 million, but absolutely no more.

I asked to my Twitter followers: “What would you pay to keep David Perron in St. Louis? Over/Under $3 million.” The responses I received were split.

MuSigma45 weighed in that he would like to see Perron earn a deal between $3.25 million and $3.75 million for over 3-4 years. Personally, I’d rather go no higher than $3.5 million, but this thought does come pretty close to the range I proposed.

JessMetz312 believes Perron deserves more than $3 million, feeling he is only getting better and the Blues need to keep him here. She didn’t indicate what her maximum would be for a contract, but she definitely makes up a large percentage of fans that feel Perron still has plenty of room to grow and it’d be nuts to let him walk.

A frequent commenter here, TScharf, believes Perron is worth less than $3 million and shouldn’t see that sort of money until he puts up more points. He feels the team should invest in guys like Backes and Oshie before direction a lot of money Perron’s way.

As always, I appreciate the feedback from those on Twitter and from those that post here as it makes writing these things MUCH more interesting.

Perron is certainly due a raise as he made just $875,000 last year in his third season at the NHL level. He has been productive, scoring 27 points in 62 games in ’07-’08, 50 points in 81 games in ’08-’09 and finally 47 points this past season over a full 82 games. Some decent numbers and obviously they are worthy of a hefty raise from his modest (a modest salary in a sporting atmosphere) $875,000 salary.

My opinion falls between the feedback I received on Twitter. I set the over/under line at $3 million as that is the number I’d ideally like to see the Blues retain the left winger for. Obviously if Perron was willing to take $2.75 million, I’d be thrilled, but $3 million seems to be about the right price. This is one of the toughest aspects of being a GM – figuring out what a player is worth and what to offer in order to retain a guy you think can grow and really prosper at the NHL level. You win some, you lose some. The Kariya signing was a massive bust in 2009-10, and thankfully that contract is now coming off the books.

St. Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils

No one is arguing that Perron is extremely talented (goal against NYI anyone?) but the Blues are not in any position to offer a youngster a chunk of cash and not have him live up to his salary. It’s a tricky situation and one that can set back a franchise if the proper number is not reached – assuming the Blues do indeed retain the forward.

Once again, I’m placing my ideal salary for Perron at $3 million – a number I feel rewards him for his growth yet at the same time encourages him to take his game to the next level in order to hit the next tier in terms of salary.

I’ll ask again, once more setting the bar at $3 million: Do you think David Perron is worth more or less than $3 million, or is that number right on the money? Sound off!