If There’s a Season, What are the Odds the Blues Hoist the Cup?

What are the Odds the Blues Hoist the Cup?

I’m not a sports gambler. I don’t condone betting on sports. Simply, I get a kick out of following various sports odds and lines out of pure curiosity. If you’ve followed this site in the past you’ll know that on occasion I’ll highlight what odds the Blues have at various points during the season. Believe it or not, the Blues still have odds to win the Stanley Cup despite the fact the season is in jeopardy thanks to the lockout.

As I mentioned above, this is purely entertainment.

The 2012-13 season might not take place. This hasn’t stopped Vegas and various online sites from allowing gamblers to place bets on which team will hoist the Cup or win their Conference, in the event a season does occur.

At the recent launch of Carbon Sports, the Blues were given 8-1 odds to win the Western Conference, a mark that places them fifth behind LA (9-2), Vancouver (5-1), Chicago (5-1) and Detroit (6-1). As for the Cup, the Blues are looking at 16-1 odds – a mark that ranks ninth in the NHL.

Similar odds can be found over at Bovada, where the Blues are 7-1 to win the West and 16-1 to hoist the Cup. Meanwhile, The Spread has the Blues at 12-1 to win the Cup.

Interestingly enough, some sites are even placing odds on the lockout itself. Odds are offered for when the lockout will end, either before or after a given date. Even if I was a gambler, I’d never place my money on something Gary Bettman has control over. I’m sure he’d find a way for the owners to split gambling revenue too, if possible.

These odds and lines might all sound a bit silly with the lockout still enduring. Let’s get off the topic of the lockout for at least a few moments. Do you think the Blues are still a bit underrated or has Vegas finally caught up?