Blues to be Purchased by Build-A-Bear Workshop

Blues to be Purchased by
Build-A-Bear Workshop

Thanks to everyone that enjoyed this April Fool’s joke! … The ownership concerns surrounding the St. Louis Blues are over as Build-A-Bear Workshop has emerged as the surprise interested investor seeking to purchase the organization. No exact figures have been released yet but it is believed Build-A-Bear will be the new majority owner.

Founder and CEO, Maxine Clark released a few statements in regards to their company’s bold move into investing in a major sports franchise.

Clark said, “We’ve had an interest in the St. Louis organization ever since they unveiled Louie the Bear as their mascot several years ago. Ever since then we were eager to get more involved, and when we heard the team was for sale, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump on board.”

Clark mentioned how Build-A-Bear isn’t totally unfamiliar with the sports scene as they have placed store locations inside stadiums, such as the one that resides in Busch Stadium and allows fans to take home a Build-A-Bear version of Fred Bird, the St. Louis Cardinal mascot.

In regards to their plans of what they will do as the new majority owner, Clark gave little indication of any plans for on the ice, but did go into great detail about various initiatives off the ice.

Blues Build-A-Bear Outfit“We want to make Louie one of the main faces of the organization,” Clark stated. “The Blues have an absolute wealth of talent which doesn’t necessarily end with the skaters we see on the ice.”

Various giveaways and promotions were mentioned such as “Bear Jersey Day”, which would give all fans under 12 a free St. Louis Blues outfit (pictured right) for their bear they purchased at the arena.

It is also believed that the new ownership will look to incorporate their logo and or Louie’s likeness into a new jersey that could debut after the 2011-12 season.

“We have a lot of changes in mind, but one of the ideas we are the most excited for is to add a new alternate jersey to the rotation,” Clark said.

When asked what the proposed new alternate jersey might include, Clark smiled and refused to give any details outside of saying it may involve paw prints.

More information is expected to be released in the near future after the sale is final .



If you made it this far and still haven’t caught on to the joke, then today is lost on you. Happy April Fool’s everyone!