Oshie to Sit Two Games for Absence

Oshie to Sit Two Games for Absence

TJ Oshie

Twitter was in a frenzy yesterday as news broke that TJ Oshie had missed practice, an unexcused absence. Speculation ran wild, wondering where Oshie could have disappeared to and what might have kept him from practice. While the team is remaining quiet on the cause, they have announced the punishment – Oshie will sit out the next two games.

According to our friend Lou Korac of the Alton Telegraphy, Oshie’s punishment isn’t technically a suspension and he won’t be facing any fines.

It’s an interesting decision to not officially label it a suspension and to not have any money involved, but it seems pretty appropriate given the player involved. Oshie definitely has a passion and fire for the game and sitting him from action will most likely hurt him more than any dollar figure could.

The cause of Oshie’s absence yesterday still remains a mystery and while the team likely won’t ever reveal the true cause, everyone has a fair guess of what happened.

Should a situation like this give us cause for concern?

For now, I’ll say no assuming that this is an isolated incident and Oshie keeps a clean recored for the future.

For what it’s worth, Oshie does have a history (not a major one) with off-ice incidents relating to alcohol which most fans suspect might have been at the center of his latest incident.

In 2007, while Oshie was still at school in North Dakota, he and teammate Jonathan Toews were both cited for being minors inside a tavern. Both skaters pled guilty and were placed on probation.

Keep in mind that we don’t know the root cause of his absence on Monday, but we shouldn’t get carried away with ourselves. Oshie is a tremendous player that has a huge love for the game. In my opinion, this punishment perfectly fits the crime and hopefully it is enough to refocus Oshie’s attention moving forward.