Fantasy Hockey: Frozen Notes Freeroll – $100 in Prizes

Fantasy Hockey Frozen Notes Freeroll
$100 in Prizes

Thanks to the awesome folks over at, the readers of this site will be able to compete in a one-day, fantasy hockey contest. As if that doesn’t sound fun as is, there’s a cash prize incentive to the tune of $100 in prizes paid out to the top-4 finishers. The contest is slated for Thursday, October 20th and simply requires you to sign up, join the league, and select a roster of players scheduled to play that night. If they perform well you might be on your way to some free money.

If you’re unfamiliar with the one day fantasy hockey concept, it’s pretty much exactly like it sounds. Our contest is Thursday, the 20th meaning you can select players that are playing this Thursday. Choose guys you think will excel on that individual day, while staying under the salary cap set by Draft Street.

For example …

The Boston Bruins are taking on Toronto this Thursday. Do you think Tim Thomas will slam the door shut on the Maple Leaf offense? If so, add him to your squad – though he is the most expensive goaltending option that night.

The trick is to assemble a healthy mix of stars along with cheaper players that can contribute in order to get the most productive squad beneath the cap. Also, if a player might miss Thursday with an injury, you should avoid placing him in your lineup.


Honestly, while this is all good fun, you’re probably only reading this far to learn about prizes. Draft Street has chipped $100 into the pool for us (awesome) and here’s how the payouts breakdown:

1st: $45
2nd: $25
3rd: $18
4th: $12

Not bad, right? All prize winnings will be credited to your Draft Street account.

Sign up!

It’s easy! Click this link. Create an account and join the Frozen Notes freeroll when prompted. Select your squad. Sit back, watch the action and root your boys on. The contest is only open to those in the USA or Canada, so if you’re outside of that area (Grant) you may need a friend to make an account for you.

Don’t be late!