Bluesclusives – Lisa Kelly (4LeafCloverGirl)

Lisa Kelly (4LeafCloverGirl)

Lisa KellyName: Lisa Kelly
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator for an Audit firm that does Marketing Research for Magazines and Newspapers … as well as freelance work including but not limited to: Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Graphic & Web Design, Event Coordinator, Haunted House Entrepreneur!
Twitter name: @4leafclovergirl
Favorite Team: St. Louis Blues


Your bio states you have interests in art, writing, marketing, advertising, social media, graphic/web design and event coordinating, just to name a few. Do these all relate to your career or are they mostly hobbies?

Most of them relate to my career AND are hobbies … because I firmly believe that you should love what you do!


It sounds like you have a pretty full plate. Give us a bit of insight into all the projects you’re involved in.

I do Marketing & Advertising for an Audit firm that does Marketing Research for Magazines and Newspapers. I also do freelance web work for the Notre Dame Alumni Association, I do Social Media work for, the Notre Dame Alumni Association, and, and I also have my own blog: Bridget McGuire’s Filling Station. My favorite hockey blog post to date is “Girls Love Hockey Too”.


Your bio also states you are a “Haunted House Entrepreneur”. You’re going to have to explain this one.

My husband owns three Haunted Houses in St. Louis (The Darkness in Soulard, the Lemp Brewery Haunted House, and CreepyWorld in Fenton), and he also builds Haunted Houses, Dark Rides, and Black Light Mini-Golf Courses all over the world. They just hosted the National Haunt Convention here in St. Louis and did tours of The Darkness and Lemp Brewery Haunted House for industry folks. I assist them with Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Trade Shows.


With over 3,300 followers on Twitter, you’re easily a Twitter-guru. What do you make of how the St. Louis Blues use their official Twitter account? What would you like to see them do differently?

I actually interact more with Blues/hockey fans, fan pages and bloggers on Twitter, more so than the official Blues Twitter page. I think the official Blues Twitter page would be much more valuable if they had someone in the press box actually posting to the Twitter page during games, and if they also interacted more with the fans. They need to remember that Twitter’s motto is “join the conversation” … so, talk!

… On a Social Media/Hockey side note … one of the first hockey people I met/interacted with on Twitter was a fellow with the Twitter handle of @MotherPucker. He ran a contest last year where he randomly selected 40 (I think 40?) hockey talking ladies on Twitter and did a “Twitter Hockey Hottie Contest” … which I ended up winning, which was kind of funny as I was a last minute “write-in” and I beat out a Canadian Hockey broadcaster @alex_ruiz by ONE POINT. It was a very fun/good natured competition, and I think we all had fun participating!


In your experience, which companies or sports organizations are the best in using social media to connect with fans/customers?

I think that the Rams have done a pretty good job of utilizing Social Media. During the season they were using their Twitter page to get feedback from the fans in regards to what would make the fan experience better (besides having a winning team, which obviously the Social Media/Marketing folks cannot control!). The Cardinals seem to be utilizing it pretty well also. The Cardinals interact with their fans on a regular basis and they even have a “Social Media Clubhouse” page on their web site. Nicely done!


You’re always talking social media on Twitter. Who are some individuals you recommend following on Twitter, whether in relation to hockey or not, that someone should follow if they are just taking up the social media scene?

In relationship to hockey AND social media, I would recommend @NHLdilo … he’s the social media guru for the NHL, and he talks both Social Media and Hockey … the best of both worlds!

As far as my favorite social media folks on Twitter … I’d like to give a shout out to my favorite St. Louis Social Media girls:


You mentioned you recently had dinner with Ian Cole. Did he give any insights towards the team or his future with the organization that you can share?

Ian seems like a delightful young man! He is absolutely thrilled to be in St. Louis and is very much looking forward to (hopefully) becoming permanently signed to the roster. He also seemed very positive about changes being made in the organization which will hopefully lead to continued success in the future!

What would you like to see the NHL do differently, whether on or off the ice?

I think the NHL is doing a pretty good job with their marketing right now. I love the efforts that they are making , reaching out to the fans via Social Media. And I also love the Winter Classic game. I think that is a wonderful addition to the league! I would love to see the Winter Classic game come to St. Louis!


Outside of winning a Stanley Cup, what would you like to see the St. Louis organization do differently, whether on or off the ice?

The St. Louis Blues do a great job of making the games an entertaining experience for all ages. They do a great job at getting people involved at the games, young and old! They also do a fantastic job in getting kids to become involved in playing hockey through their hockey clinics and the support of local ice rinks. I think they could continue to improve their Social Media presence, but let’s face it … at this point we are all still pretty much learning as we go when it comes to Social Media!


Favorite current player and favorite player of the past?

My favorite players of the past come from the 1993-ish era … I loved the team that included Hull, Shanahan, Janney, CuJo, Tony Twist, and my pal Jeff Brown.

My current favorite players … I really like Oshie, Stewart, and hope to see a lot more of Ian Cole!


Last thoughts?

Looking forward to the 2011-2012 season, a QUICK off-season … and LET’S GO BLUES!