NHL Cancels Two Weeks, Attention Shifts to Rivermen / Abroad

NHL Cancels Two Weeks, Attention Shifts to Rivermen / Abroad

The first two weeks of 2012-13 have been cancelled. All games through October 24th have been wiped clear from the schedule. Hope remains that they might return later in the year but, more realistically, is the fact those games are probably gone for good. What’s a guy writing about the Blues to do when there is no Blues news to write about? Simply, turn the attention to the AHL and abroad.

I’ve voiced my opinion more than enough about the NHL lockout. If you follow me on Twitter, you’re well aware that I blame both sides at this point and that I think the ends won’t justify the means. Check your egos at the door and get something done for the good of the game. It won’t matter what percentage you walk away with in revenue sharing if you miss out on an entire year worth of paychecks and if the game shrinks because of it.

I digress.

What’s a site like this one supposed to do during the NHL lockout? It’s tricky. This site is a hub for all things St. Louis Blues. While there won’t be much to talk about involving the Blues, the site simply won’t go idle – I have far too few things to do for that to happen.

Obviously, I’ll cover the lockout in how it impacts St. Louis and the Blues. Nothing will change there. For a wider scope on hockey coverage, you can follow what I do over at Puck Drunk Love. Aside from the occasional lockout update I’ll probably stick to doing some Rivermen news and analysis while also keeping an eye on the St. Louis players currently in Europe.

The NHL might be locked out but this site will still try its best to remain as active as it has been. Here’s to hoping you continue to follow along.