John Davidson Leaving the Blues

John Davidson Leaving the Blues

John Davidson’s time with the Blues has apparently come to an end. Jeremy Rutherford reports that the two sides will part ways, news that probably will disappoint the vast majority of St. Louis Blues fans. Davidson had previously served as the President of Hockey Operations with the team since June of 2006. He played a huge role in turning the St. Louis franchise from a disorganized wreck to a Cup contender.

When Davidson came into the mix in 2006, things were pretty ugly. The Blues were coming off the lockout in dreadful shape, winning just 21 games in 2005-06. Crowds were thin, talent was even thinner and it appeared as if the franchise might be entering a prolonged slump. Enter John Davidson.

While we shouldn’t give Davidson all of the credit for the turn around in St. Louis, he does deserve a lot of it. He got fans interested in going to hockey games again by helping orchestrate successful drafts that secured young, exciting talent. He gave fans optimism, something that had fled the city thanks to the miserable 05-06 campaign. He didn’t promise immediate results but he did say that if the fans believed in him and this team that in a few years they would be something special.

As we sit here hoping for a 2012-13 season, it’s clear Davidson was successful in building a winner. The Blues are a Cup contender if and when we have a 2012-13 season.

While it will be sad to see him go it makes sense that Davidson wants to tackle a new challenge. His work in revitalizing the Blues is finished. There really isn’t much left for him here. His efforts have made this franchise fun and exciting again. His work here is done.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that the Blues bought Davidson out of his contract (Source). Davidson had three years and $6 million left on his contract. People might criticize the Blues for buying JD out of his deal but it’s important to remember that JD himself was exploring new options months prior. Realistically, JD probably was looking for a new adventure to tackle now that the Blues are on proper footing. For the club, the move works for them as well. They lose an intricate piece buy they will save plenty of cash over the long haul – something this club has very little of.