2010-11: What’s Left to Say?

2010-11: What’s Left to Say?

Nine games remain on the schedule for the Blues in their 2010-11 season. The playoff hunt is a distant, distant memory and the last games on the schedule really only have pride on the line – though some would argue the Blues lost their pride some time ago. What’s left for there to be said about the failure that has been the 2010-11 season?

The 2009-10 season was supposed to be the blip on the radar following what some would call a successful 2008-09 season where the Blues made the playoffs. If only we would have known what 2010-11 had in store, we would have enjoyed last season a bit more.

We’ve seen just about every negative side of hockey these past few months. Long scoring droughts, completely unreliable goaltending, and plenty of injuries across the roster. We’ve seen a marketing promotion more or less promising the playoffs miss the mark (not for the fans that saved some cash of course) and we are left with more questions than answers now that the current ownership has placed the team for sale.

Wasn’t the 2010-11 season supposed to answer some questions? Wasn’t this team supposed to take the next proverbial step?

The next few games before the season concludes won’t do much in answering questions for next season. In terms of importance, you can chalk these games right up along preseason exhibitions.

At this point, there’s really no sense breaking down what went wrong in a loss or why this team will finish well outside the top-8. By now, fans should be well aware of what needs to improve for this team to truly compete – everything.

The 2009-10 St. Louis Blues squad finished the year with 90 points. It’s a pretty safe bet that if you would have polled fans shortly after the news that the team acquired Jaroslav Halak, most would have predicted the Blues would finish with more than 90 points this season. These expectations are what has made this season such a rough one.

Once this season concludes, this site will feature some of the more positive aspects of the 2010-11 season – yes, there actually have been some.

Look forward to the Most Surprising Player post as well as the Team MVP post in the coming weeks.

We should put this season behind us as quickly as possible. As fans, we have a lot to focus on and a lot is yet to play out with this team in the coming months. There are still games on the calendar but my attention has completely shifted to issues off the ice, including ownership and offseason moves / signings.