Schadenfreude – Joy in the Misfortune of Others

Joy in the Misfortune of Others

Detroit Red Wings v San Jose Sharks - Game Two

How sweet it is. Now I won’t be mean with this post, as fortune and karma can reverse in a hurry. However, speaking as a Blues fan that saw his team disappoint on a regular basis throughout the 2009-10 season, it sure is nice to see the rival Red Wings stumbling against the San Jose Sharks.

Cardinals and Cubs, Blues and Redwings/Blackhawks are always fierce rivalries that usually bring out the hatred of even the casual fan when it comes to the other side. The situation with the Blues may be a bit unique as Wings/Hawks fans likely despise a team that has been a bit more competitive in recent years, like say the Penguins as far as Detroit goes. Still, there is a ton of history between the Blues and Detroit/Chicago, making it a fun and interesting affair whenever the two sides meetup. Vancouver is quickly becoming another side to despise, backed by the Sacha Baron Cohen look-alike Roberto Luongo. I mean seriously, how can a Blues fan not have some resentment towards the Canucks?

That rant aside, as a fan sitting on the outside looking in, it sure is nice to see a team you hate crumble in front of their very own fans. As I write this article, Detroit is staring down a 0-3 hole at the hands of the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks are notorious for a fantastic regular season before choking in the early stages of the playoffs, but this year is starting to have a different feel behind it. I’m no fan of the team from San Jose, but I’d gladly root for anyone that has a chance to send Detroit packing.

Enjoy these playoffs Blues fans even though our team isn’t competing in them. There has been some fantastic hockey in this year’s edition and you might see the high and mighty Red Wings get swept. After a rough season on our home front, there’s something satisfying in seeing Joe Louis fall silent.

Schadenfreude – taking pleasure and joy in the misfortune of others. Boy is that the truth.