Blues Tickets Getting More Expensive

Blues Tickets Getting More Expensive

The St. Louis Blues have been one of the best teams in hockey in 2011-12. Fans of the club have enjoyed below average ticket prices for years, mostly in part to the team’s poor stretch of play. Now that the Blues are not only competitive but among the elite squads in the NHL, fans will have to prepare for higher ticket prices. Jeremy Rutherford broke the news on Twitter stating that the Blues will introduce a 9.8% “blended” increase for 2012-13 tickets.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Over the last several years Blues fans have been able to buy tickets that cost not only below the league average, but in some cases were the cheapest ticket you could find across the NHL. The organization has always had cheaper seats compared to larger markets but most recently the club has kept prices down as the product on the ice has been a poor one. Those days are over.

The Blues are no longer in the basement of the NHL and it is time for ticket prices to reflect that, for better or worse. The team is currently trying to get by without a solidified owner but don’t think that plays into the decision. Even with a new owner and increased financial backing, the Blues were likely going to raise prices that have historically been one of the best deals in hockey. As the cap continues to rise the Blues will need to spend a bit more in order to continue to be as competitive as they are today.

From an expense angle, the Blues will have to be prepared to splash out a decent chunk of change over the summer. If they elect to bring T.J. Oshie and David Perron back beyond 2011-12, they will have to pay for it as both players are deserving of long-term contracts. The team has a wealth of other free agents to make decisions on and it’s clear that this summer will be an interesting and very costly one.

Ticket prices will increase by various percentages, hence the “blended” statement. Some sections may go up only a couple of percentage points while others may jump 15-20%, giving us an average of 9.8.

Jeremy Rutherford’s article reports that the biggest increase is on the Mezzanine End level where seats will jump to $19 from $16 a game. An average ticket this season costs $40.34, placing the Blues 25th in the NHL in average cost. Next year an average ticket will cost $44.30.