StlToday Thinks Nikitin, Strachan are on the Blues

StlToday Thinks Nikitin, Strachan are on the Blues

Holy cow. Fans in St. Louis are often pretty critical of the coverage the St. Louis Blues receive from their local media. Today, gave them another reason to call out the dismal and mostly pathetic coverage the Blues receive. The site asked which young St. Louis defenseman would have the best career. There were just two major problems with the answers they selected.

Wait – Nikita Nikitin? Tyson Strachan? I hope these guys win this poll as Nikitin has been with Columbus since November of 2011 and Strachan has been with Florida since July of 2011. In other words, neither man has been with the St. Louis organization for quite some time. Therefore, it’s only appropriate they are options in a poll about St. Louis defenseman.

Someone is asleep at the wheel at StlToday. We’re all aware that quality Blues coverage can be incredibly difficult to find at times in the St. Louis area. Jeremy Rutherford and a handful of others do a solid job but it’s embarrassing errors like the one above that make the whole scene look pathetic. We imagine they will eventually correct their error (seen here) and add in Kevin Shattenkirk or another prospect that is in Peoria. Thankfully, we took screenshots to celebrate their humorous blunder.

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