Jaden Schwartz Signs, Joins the Blues Immediately

Jaden Schwartz Signs, Joins the Blues Immediately

Jeremy Rutherford and numerous other sources have reported that the St. Louis Blues have signed Jaden Schwartz and he will immediately join the team in Chicago. He will begin practicing with the team as soon as he arrives. The Schwartz era has officially begun in St. Louis.

That was fast, wasn’t it?

After it was reported yesterday that Schwartz would be leaving college, we knew the Blues would have to decide quick what they wanted to do with arguably their best prospect. Today, that decision was made. Schwartz signed a contract with the Blues and will join the team in Chicago as they continue their seven-game road trip.

Yesterday, I discussed the different options the Blues had with Schwartz. It was clear they would sign him the only question was where should they play him. Peoria seemed like the obvious choice given the success and chemistry of the current NHL squad as well as the fact a couple players are making steady progress in returning from injuries. Given Schwartz’s lack of experience at the professional level and the fact the Blues have been extremely successful with their current group, it seemed a certainty that Peoria would be the landing place for the top prospect.

We were wrong.

The Blues have elected to have Schwartz join the NHL team immediately. He will begin practicing with the team right away and depending how things go, he may find his name plugged into the lineup in the near future. After all, it makes little sense to have Schwartz join the NHL squad and not use him when he could be obtaining valuable experience in the AHL.

At just 19, Schwartz could be just days or weeks away from making his NHL debut.