Video: Jaroslav Halak Robs Columbus – Twice

Jaroslav Halak Robs
Columbus – Twice

Some wins are a group effort. Others, like the victory the Blues had over Columbus Sunday night, can be mostly attributed to one individual. In this case, Jaroslav Halak repeatedly turned Columbus away, carrying the Blues to yet another victory. Did you miss his saves? You’re in luck. The first big save on RJ Umberger is above while the second monster save that occurred just over a minute later is below.

Second save, much like the first.

Wow. It’s tough to describe saves as great as the two featured in the videos above.

When you witness saves like these and the incident where the Blues somehow kept the puck out of the net while the puck sat on the goal line and Jack Johnson coming in for the kill, you have to appreciate just how special this year has been.

The Blues have 97 points in 70 games. Realistically, unless things go very wrong, the Blues are a lock to crack the 100-point barrier and a lock to make the playoffs. Already they have 10 more points than they had in all of 2010-11 and look poised to keep building on their total. Suddenly the playoffs appear to be a certainty while the topic of the Presidents’ Trophy, an award fans of the Blues haven’t thought about since 1999-2000, is starting to seem like a genuine possibility.

It’s strange. When watching a game the demeanor has changed for fans. The question isn’t whether the Blues will win but how the Blues will win. Crazy times in the St. Louis area.