Monday News and Links

Monday News and Links

June 22nd

In this section, the most relevant Blues related links and news will be posted to jump start your week. Its never too soon to talk hockey at work, and FrozenNotes will help keep you informed to what is happening around St. Louis and the NHL.

Blues Links/News

  • From the St. Louis Post-Dispacth, they discuss whether the Blues are narrowing the gap between themselves and the Red Wings. I think the answer is an obvious yes, but here is their view.
  • Also from the Post is an article about how the Blues are not counting on this year’s NHL draft to provide them with any help in net for 2009-10. (duh?)
  • In case rumors and speculation are your thing, and you have not been satisfied by the FrozenNotes Rumor Mill, here is a link to further speculation on the Dany Heatley ordeal which is soon to be classified as a saga. Word around HockeyBuzz is that the Heatley to the Blues deal could be done soon, possibly by Wednesday.
  • In case you missed it last week, Keith “Walt” Tkachuk has been signed to a one-year extension and will return as a Blue in 2009-10.

NHL Links/News

  • Mats Sundin states he will not be playing in the Olympics for Sweden.
  • Canucks are facing a salary cap dilemma, and may have a pretty big problem on their hands with the Sedin brothers each wanting 12-year deals. Could this be a preview of what is to come for the Blues, with young talent wanting big money?
  • The Flames are set to have a new coach and it is said to be none other than Brent Sutter. Brent would be the third of the Sutter brothers (after Brian and Darryl) to coach the Flames. Report.
  • Drug testing policies are the talk of every sport and the NHL is no different as meetings are being held to discuss it amongst other issues.

Other Links/News

  • Brace yourself – There is Soccer news ahead.
  • The USA soccer team defied some pretty enormous odds and advanced to the next round of the Confederations Cup. They are rewarded by being paired off with the best team in the world (Spain) in the semifinals.

Your video of the week switches from the ice rink to the baseball diamond as a Triple-A player has created himself one unique swing.