Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows

We have seen a little bit of everything from the St. Louis Blues this season. Big wins, big losses and our fair share of highs and lows. Nearing the halfway mark in the year we ask: What has been your high and low point on the year so far? Inside is a breakdown of some of the biggest accomplishments and high water marks this year as well as the moments that made me chuck things across the room. FrozenNotes asked and you responded, read on to see what other Blues fans think.

This feels like a pretty appropriate time to ask this question. The Blues took three on the road on a Canadien road trip but follow it up with a tough loss in Minnesota and yet another loss at home in what could be labeled an uninspired third period performance. One very big high followed by a pretty crushing low all in the matter of days.

This got me thinking – we sure have seen a ridiculous amount of positives and negatives in a very short amount of time. So I asked through the FrozenNotes twitter account: What’s your high and low point from this year so far?

The Blues Twitter community responded with some diverse, if not comical responses.

Acowden1 : High point: Sharks game – Low point: The power-play.

Two great choices. The Blues pulled scored a miracle last second goal in San Jose on the road to send the game to OT. Carlo buried a no-look turnaround wrister sending many Blues fans into a celebration that likely woke their significant other if not the neighbors. The Blues went on to win in a shootout (T.J. Oshie’s chance went through the five hole of a frozen Evgeni Nabokov) which renewed hope in fans that if their side could beat the Sharks at home that they could be a force this year afterall.

The power-play. Can’t argue this one. It has been dreadful and that’s being kind. It currently ranks 25th at 15.7%, but that is following a recent improvement. For a large chunk of the season, the Blues power-play ranked dead last, stuck in the 12-13% range.

You only need to look back at the Buffalo game to see just how miserable the play with the man advantage has been. With the game sitting at 4-3, the Blues took to the power-play with hopes of evening the score line. A questionable line change and some poor defending later, Tim Connolly of the Sabres roughed a shot over Ty Conklin in what was the final goal in the 5-3 defeat. Ugly, just ugly.

BrewerWatch: High point: Taking seven of eight points against Detroit, affectionately labeled DeToilet. Low point: Brewer’s return.

PhotobucketIt’s amazing how many fans of the Blues despise Eric Brewer. I have always been under the rule of if a guy skates for your side you cheer for him – it makes no sense to hate a player who is trying to get “W”s for your favorite team. I’m all for hating an opponent, but hating a member of your own squad seems like a waste of time. Sure, there may be guys you love, like and have no feeling toward, and dislike, but hate to the extent of booing whenever his name is mentioned, even when he scores? That borderlines on moronic. I’ve witnessed it myself. Brewer is announced on opening night and some fans boo. Why? Did he make a bad play? I hate to break it to you Brewer haters, but this is a team effort and Brew has been far from the worst on the side this season. His injuries are discouraging, but he certainly hasn’t played horribly to deserve the fan abuse he has received. I’m not saying he has been good, or even solid, but let’s at least be honest with ourselves and admit that it is goal scoring that is the problem – not defense.  Maybe the Brew haters should refocus their efforts at the least productive $6,000,000 man in the league (Kariya). That at least is warranted a bit more.

On the positive side, the Blues have had Detroit’s number this season and should be a perfect 4-0 if it weren’t for a mental collapse late at home when Detroit brought on the extra attacker. Detroit is a shadow of the side they used to be and has had to deal with a plethora of injured key players, but wins over a rival are still pretty sweet.

JoelFaucett: High point: Another vote for the great play against Detroit this season. Low point: The very last second loss against DET I previously mentioned (the lone game he has seen in person this season).

Many fans, myself as well as some season ticket holders, have yet to see a win at home this season. Never a good sign.

My own: High point: Three road wins in a row against Western Canada. I thought this was a turning point and could lead to the team cracking the Western top eight sooner than later. Low point: Wow, so many to choose from. The Edmonton meltdown. The last second goals allowed in multiple games. The fact this team continually lacks urgency and consistency.

If you’ve checked in on this blog on a regular basis, you are more than familiar with my take on the highs and lows.

A few fans have sounded off – now it’s your turn. Chime in on the comments or on Twitter.