Frozen Notes Fantasy Hockey

Frozen Notes Fantasy Hockey

You might be thinking that it’s a little silly to be talking about fantasy hockey when a lockout looks like a certainty in the NHL. You’re right. It is silly and I feel a bit foolish even posting this. However! In the event there isn’t a lockout here is all you need to know about the second installment of the Frozen Notes fantasy hockey league.

First, if you were one of the 16 managers that played in the league last year you were already an invite for this year’s league.

Second, if there’s a lockout the league will take place as soon as the real games get started. Obviously if there isn’t a season then the fantasy season will be taking a break as well.

Third, if you’re new to the proceedings and want to be included this year let me know with either a comment below or a message through Twitter. I’m planning on having a maximum of 16 owners again this year but I’m assuming a couple old faces won’t be returning.

As for the specifics of the league the whole thing is pretty simple. This league uses a head-to-head format with Goals, Assists, Points, +/-, PIM, Shots, Hits, Wins, Losses, GAA, SV% and Shutouts. The online draft is tentatively scheduled for October 1st. This date will most likely change given the lockout.

So there you have it. Interested in joining us? Let me know. Here’s to hoping there’s actually a season.