David Perron Ready to Rejoin Team

David Perron Ready to Rejoin Team

David Perron

Multiple sources, including the team’s official site, is reporting that the Blues will announce that David Perron will rejoin the club on Monday. On Monday, the team will address the situation and offer more information on what this means for Perron moving forward.

Talk about some positive news.

Perron’s recovery has been a slow one. Dating back to when he suffered the injury in November of 2010, we haven’t heard many positives in regards to his progress in returning to NHL action. Now, the club announces Perron will be with the team which should mean he will resume his workout program and begin light skating and practicing.

While this news is music to a fan’s ears, Perron still has a long road in front of him. He hasn’t done any major hockey activity in almost a year’s time. He will need to ease back into action and see how his body responds. You can bet that the team will be extremely careful in getting Perron back into shape and will pay close attention to how he responds with the fear his post-concussion syndrome might reappear.

We’ll receive more information Monday, but at the very least we can be thrilled that Perron’s road to recovery took another step forward.