What’s in a Nickname?

What’s in a Nickname?

Vladimir “Tank” Tarasenko has officially arrived in St. Louis. Today, Tarasenko was apart of his first press conference with the Blues and received his jersey complete with the #91. Fans have grown accustomed to calling Tarasenko “Tank” since the club drafted him 16th overall in the 2010 NHL draft. However, it appears the Russian youngster had never heard of this nickname until he arrived in the St. Louis area and actually prefers two different options.

In the face of a lockout this is some of the only news to cover. Seriously. Nicknames. Real news and analysis  (player previews, team previews, etc) won’t be arriving on this site until it’s clear the season will be played.

Now, on to the Tarasenko nickname “saga”.

Honestly, it’s not surprising that Tarasenko is unfamiliar with a nickname local fans here in St. Louis assigned to him. Actually, it happens quite often that a player is unfamiliar with one of his many nicknames. In Tarasenko’s case, he was simply called other names while playing in Russia.

There you have it. Tarasenko prefers to go by Vova or Vladi. He never stated that he didn’t like the “Tank” nickname but simply that he had never heard of it prior to arriving in St. Louis. Regardless of Tarasenko’s comments you can bet that fans will continue to refer to him by Tank, especially since the name Vladi may draw confusion between him and teammate Vladimir Sobotka. As for Vova, one can’t help but think it sounds similar to Volvo – a nickname I’m not sure any player would want.

Honestly, I’ll call Tarasenko by any name he chooses if he is scoring goals on a regular basis.