Jackman & Steen Join Injured List

Jackman & Steen Join Injured List

The injury bug has struck again. This time the two victims are Barret Jackman (broken finger) and Alex Steen (high-ankle sprain). While neither injury is one we’d file under the “serious” category, both will keep the two skaters out for roughly four to six weeks. In other words, we may have seen the last of Jackman and Steen in 2010-11.

There’s roughly four weeks remaining in the regular season, which means that if things go to plan we may see Jackman and Steen back before the season wraps, but there really isn’t any reason to rush them back.

Personally, I’d be completely fine with the club announcing that both skaters are shut down for the season and will make a return in 2011-12. With the Blues well out of the playoff hunt, there’s really no argument to be made by having Jackman and Steen make brief cameos before the year ends. Worst case scenario, one of them suffers a major setback while the best case scenario is … well, there really isn’t one.

Alex Steen

Steen is one of the few Blues that seems to put in 100% on each and every shift. He speeds around the ice, crashing into opponents all the while helping generate scoring chances for his side – even sniping numerous goals of his own.

It’s only fitting his excellent season, arguably one that was destined to be his best of his career, is ruined by an injury. Such an ending is fitting for what has been a completely disappointing season.

In just under three full seasons, Steen has made a great case for the Blues to keep him around for the extended future. He goes into the gritty areas of the ice, throws his weight around and is excellent at applying pressure as the opponent tries to leave their own end, in addition to his offensive efforts.

Barret Jackman

Has Barret Jackman had a good year? The answer to that question will vary depending which fan you ask.

In my opinion, Jackman has had a solid season but not a great season. He definitely had his games he’d probably like back but also has had numerous impressive performances. It’s highly likely that Jackman has had numerous knocks and minor injuries throughout the year that might have hindered his play, but of late, he’s been a solid shutdown defenseman.

One also has to wonder if the negativity toward Jackman is a direct result from Eric Brewer being dealt to Tampa Bay. Brewer was often considered the team’s scapegoat, especially in the defense, and now that he is gone the attention has shifted Jackman’s way.

Though he has had his down games, he isn’t deserving of some of the ridicule the fans have been giving him.

David Perron

There really isn’t much to say here. Perron has continued his light workouts/lifting but still hasn’t returned to skating.

At this stage, there really isn’t any reason to expect Perron to see any NHL action this season. Hopefully he will be able to practice some with his teammates before the season concludes, but Perron’s injury isn’t one to take lightly – which is why you should expect the official word concerning his season coming to a close in the near future.