Newest Blues Commercial Amps Up the Cheese

Newest Blues Commercial Amps Up the Cheese

Fans have given the Blues plenty of grief since they announced that their 2011-12 slogan is based off the Journey tune, “Don’t Stop Believing”. Enjoyed by some while hated by others, the backlash towards the Blues new slogan has been loud and clear. Now the team has unveiled their first commercial for the new season, featuring Patrik Berglund and a song which has evidently become the theme of the season – for better or worse.

Sitting at center ice is Patrik Berglund and a grand piano where he is “playing” the intro of the Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believing”. What follows are a few scenes of various players and their achievements from last season. The spot ends with a grin from Berglund.

Holy cheesy commercial, Batman!

I was one of those that thought the team’s new slogan lacked any sort of thought and originality. The song selection has a direct connection to a rival, Detroit, and is about as cliche of a song as their is in this era.

Honestly, how desperate does this slogan / ad make the Blues look? Many fans have never stopped believing and find it a bit insulting that the team is instructing them to keep the faith.

Then there is the commercial itself. (Groan)

I was hoping for something clever and witty. The St. Louis Cardinals have missed the mark on some spots in recent memory, but they’ve also come up with some gems. The Blues could take some notes as their first attempt for 2011-12 is a big swing and a miss.

Fans are literally counting the seconds (I’ve seen it through Twitter) for the season to begin. They are longing for something to get them in the mood for hockey. The Blues had a terrific opportunity to use their first spot to pump up fans that are eagerly awaiting the new year while also bringing in new eyes with a clever ad that has the potential to go viral. The lone reason this spot will be passed around will be 1) because it is the first spot and 2) because it answers the question as to whether the Blues will push forward with having “Don’t Stop Believing” as the heart of their “marketing” effort. (Marketing deserves quotes as the team’s efforts in recent years aren’t ones I’d call marketing)

What say you Blues fans?

Sure, in the big picture the songs and slogans won’t change what is happening on the ice. However, they will impact how those in St. Louis, but especially outside of St. Louis, view the Blues. Take Boston for example. If you haven’t seen the Boston Bruin bear commercials then you are severely missing out. Pure genius concept and witty spots that have caused the Bruins to receive a better brand image as the spot is passed around the Internet. If you’re outside of St. Louis and don’t know much about the Blues, well … odds are you’re laughing for the wrong reasons after watching the cheesy ad the team churned out.

St. Louis Blues marketing, we beg you, please put on your thinking cap and come up with an original and inspired concept. The product on the ice is steadily improving – it’s time the marketing efforts follow suit.