Video: T.J. Oshie Levels Dustin Penner

T.J. Oshie Levels Dustin Penner

St. Louis Blues fans have been struggling to stay optimistic after a disastrous start to the second round. Thanks to T.J. Oshie, we do have one positive that can be taken away from a Game 2 that was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Oshie leveled Dustin Penner, cleanly, in a game that had all but gotten away from the St. Louis Blues.

Hits rarely get much better than that. It was clean and powerful – the ideal hockey hit. Unfortunately, the modern NHL features players that want to jump a player just for making a big, legal hit. As you can seen in the video above, Mike Richards challenged Oshie before Penner eventually came back into the mix.

Penner, known most for his pancake injury than his hockey skills, earned an additional penalty due to the fracas that occurred after the original hit. It’s unfortunate that the Blues were unable to capitalize on their late power plays and a shame the team, Oshie included, couldn’t find this intensity earlier in the game.