VIDEO: Roman Polak Fights, Linesman Wins

Roman Polak Fights, Linesman Wins

If you missed last night’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, you not only missed a great come from behind victory by the St. Louis Blues but also one of the most physical, heated contests we’ve seen in quite some time. The game featured two scraps, one predictably from Ryan Reaves and the other from Roman Polak. Video below.

Roman Polak’s tango with Dane Byers was a short one, but a spirited one. Polak landed the most punches while Byers was only able to land his shots once Polak was already down on the ice. The linesman, aware that Byers wasn’t halting his punches as he should dove into the action, knocking Byers off Polak and registering a rare “W” in the fight column for the officials.

The obvious joke here? The official tackled better than the St. Louis Rams did on Sunday. That was too easy.