Bluesclusives – Jennifer Metzler (Starla Mint)

Jennifer Metzler (Starla Mint)
Blue Moon Rising Podcast

Name: Jennifer Metzler or Starla Mint
Location: St. Charles, MO
Occupation: Freelance Writer/Editor and friendly Walgreen’s Floor Manager
Twitter Name: @itsjuststarla
Website: Blue Moon Rising


What inspired you to start Blue Moon Rising, a podcast/website covering the St. Louis Blues?

My husband, Paul, and I had been talking about creating something like this for a while. We’ve shared blogs in the past, namely music related, but never explored writing about sports. We had seen an explosion of fan related news, information and opinions being shared via social media outlets and figured we could put our opinions and writing to use. We saw a flaw in the immediacy of social media and in turn wanted to talk about the Blues in a more intellectual but retain a highly spirited fashion.


What separates your show (found here) from the type of coverage we might hear on the radio, or during a telecast?

Well, on the radio you’re going to hear men who have been around the sport longer, involved directly with the sport and this club in particular. You’re also going to hear locker room reports and information straight from beat reporters, which is all fine and good. What separates my podcast from these shows is that the podcasts are hosted by a girl (ha, had to take the obvious issue out of the way first) who has had time to digest some of the news and other opinions that are floating around.

Unlike radio, I’ll be looking through stats, opinions both from a fan’s point of view as well as opinions from the educated and hockey trained eye (be it coaches, reporters, players, etc.) and sit on topics a bit longer than radio or television hosts. I’ll also be taking other fans in to opinion a bit more, so even though I might take a day or two to sharpen my opinion and look through others there is still a sense of immediacy thanks to sources like Twitter and Facebook.


How would you like to see the podcast grow or change in the future?

I’d really like it to grow to be a 30 minute show at the very least. My first podcast was about 14 minutes and the second was around 17 minutes, so I’m hoping that by episode 5 I’ll be at the 30 minute mark. I’d also like to potentially get guests or do some interviews recorded with other fans, coaches, reporters, players…whomever! I’d love to be able to host a high quality show that had multi-faceted opinions and information.


Several new Blues blogs have hit the scene lately, including your own. In your opinion, what are the positives and negatives of so many new startups?

On the positive side, these blogs are bringing out some of the best in the fans. These blogs prove that there are fans out there that care and are taking time out of their day to write about something they’re so passionate about. This passion, though, can create some of the more negative aspects of the ‘blogosphere’ and fandom. Some fans are so rabidly passionate that they throw all writing sense and style right out the window.


As an avid Twitter user, how has social media impacted your experience following the St. Louis Blues?

Greatly! I’ve met many great fans, moreover great people in general, that share my love of the Blues and have learned a boat load in the process.


As a former Roller Derby player, are there any similarities between Roller Derby and hockey?

TONS. There are several strategies that I can see unfold on the ice that we used on the track. The physical play and exertion is also a huge crossover – sometimes when I’m sitting at games I’ll move my body along with how I’d think a player should move! It’s embarrassing, I know, but the physical crossover is outstanding. Some of the hits and checks you see are some of the exact same things I learned how to do and what to look out for on the track.


Outside of winning a Stanley Cup, what would you like to see the St. Louis organization do differently, whether on or off the ice?

Is it wrong of me to say “Nothing else matters but the Cup”? I’d really like to see steady ownership to create a contending team. I’d also like to see less injuries (who wouldn’t?) and more consistent play on every side of the ice (particularly defense). I have a thing for goalies because that’s what I used to play in roller hockey and it’s a total bummer to see the goalies get burnt after the defense crumbles.


Favorite player of the past? Present?

Past: Gino Cavallini and Keith Tkachuk. Present: DAVID PERRON! and Vladimir Sobotka.


Last thoughts?