Playoff Hopes: Roughly One Percent

Playoff Hopes
Roughly One Percent

Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues

I didn’t sit down and calculate what the exact odds of the Blues making the playoffs are, but it doesn’t take a genius to tell you that the team’s loss against Nashville essentially let the last bit of wind out of the playoff sails. With just five games to play, the team sits six points behind an eighth place Colorado team that owns a game in hand.

At least the Blues made the last stretch interesting. I have felt confident this team would not make the playoffs for some time, but their late surge at least added some suspense and drama. However, the loss against Nashville all but closed the door on any hope and reduced the team’s chances of making the postseason down to all but zero.

Obviously I am disappointed the team is missing the playoffs following a league that had fairly high expectations, but I am more curious as to where this late surge was all season long. The team played much better hockey of late which begs the question as to where this was at the start and midsection of the 2009-10 season.

Alex Steen has really come on this year and is not only making a name for himself in St. Louis but around the NHL. Steen leads the way with 24 goals on the season and has been a major factor behind the team’s better play in March. The forward’s stock definitely has increased in value and the Blues would be wise to retain his services for next year.

This team can be spectacular at times and can be poor at best other times. Add those two together and you get exactly what we see right now: 4th in the Central, 10th in the West and just missing out on the playoffs.

Consistency has been a foreign word to the Blues this season and has landed them close but just out of reach of their second consecutive trip to the playoffs. Honestly, I don’t think this team deserved to edge out Detroit, Calgary or Colorado for that last spot as this season has seen them play much more average and sloppy hockey than it has seen them play hockey deserving of a shot at the Stanley Cup.

Five games remain on the schedule and I hope to see the Blues come out fighting in each one, pretending that their playoff hopes aren’t as grim as they actually are. Pride has taken a big hit in St. Louis with the Blues losing home game after home game, the least they can do is go down swinging.