Blues Fans Optimistic for 2012-13 Despite Free Agency Lull

Blues Fans Optimistic for 2012-13 Despite Free Agency Lull

The St. Louis Blues have been pretty quiet this summer. They’ve retained some of their current players (Jackman, Perron, Langenbrunner, etc) and they’ve reached a deal with Russian prospect Vladimir Tarasenko that will bring the youngster over to the NHL for the first time in his career. Outside of that, there really hasn’t been too much to report. Rumors have linked the Blues to several free agents and several potential trades but so far the team has chosen to stay on its current course. If Tarasenko was the only major news for the team this summer would you be disappointed? This was the question I asked on Twitter and the responses indicate that a large group of fans wouldn’t mind if the team was finished making moves.

Specifically I asked fans on Twitter to rate their disappointment on a scale of one to 10 (one being least disappointed, 10 being most) if Tarasenko was the only major news/signing this summer. The responses flooded in. As you might expect responses varied greatly. However, the average response was that lacking any form of disappointment. On the whole the fans that responded would be content if Tarasenko was the only major change the club makes.

Here’s a look at the numbers.

Some fans responded with numbers that were outside of the 1-10 range. One said zero, indicating they’d have absolutely no disappointment while another said 36, indicating that they’d most likely give an arm to see the Blues make major news this summer. These numbers were thrown out of the average as they throw things off quite a bit and weren’t in the original range. One fan responded with a Tweet about his anger that Jackman was returning, a response that had to be thrown out since you can’t really assign a number to that. Though it probably wouldn’t be a Twitter poll without a comment against Jackman.

Surveys like these are pretty fun. You never really know how a group of fans might feel until you ask. I was a bit surprised that so many answered with such a low number. I also was

Average level of disappointment (1 being least, 10 being most): 3.05.

As you can see the average number checks in at just over three. The majority of the fans surveyed wouldn’t be too upset if the Blues were to announce tomorrow that they won’t be adding any additional help. It was refreshing to see that the bulk of responses seemed to have a pretty realistic view on the current market and were aware that the Blues can’t afford to hand out bloated contracts despite having a new owner.

All this being said the Blues may very well make some big news this summer. They still could use an upgrade at defense and still might pursue some help on the left side of the ice. Whether they add another piece or not shouldn’t dismay you about the season ahead. In 2011-12 the Blues were a team that made it to the second round of the playoffs. As things currently stand the Blues are set to field nearly an identical squad as they did in 2011-12 with the notable inclusion of Tarasenko.

Could the Blues use an upgrade or two? Sure – but this fact shouldn’t have you entering 2012-13 with any major disappointments.