Jamie Langenbrunner has Broken Foot, Out 4 Weeks

Langenbrunner has Broken Foot, Out 4 Weeks


Jamie Langenbrunner has a broken left foot and will be sidelined for at least the next four weeks, as reported by various outlets. The news comes at a pivotal time for the St. Louis Blues as they prepare to enter arguably their most challenging portion of their schedule. Langenbrunner has been a consistent presence on the ice providing valuable support and leadership each night. We may be jumping to conclusions a bit, but it’s fair to suspect that this news might sway the Blues into making a trade before the deadline passes.

This type of news is always difficult to write about. There isn’t a delicate way of saying an important player will miss significant time in an article such as this. To be blunt, Langenbrunner will be missed. He has provided stability that often has gone overlooked. He has constantly worked hard in the opponent’s end, causing chances for the Blues without ever directly coming into contact with the puck. While on the ice, Langenbrunner has a calming power over his teammates, removing haste and anxiety with patience and intelligence.

Langenbrunner’s injury by default shifts Chris Stewart back into an advanced role with the club – whether he is ready for it or not. The team had experimented with Stewart on the fourth line in hopes that a demotion might finally awaken Stewart from his slumber.

As for the St. Louis Blues involvement around the trade deadline, Langenbrunner’s injury certainly might make things interesting. Out for at least four weeks, Langenbrunner is a significant loss – one that might need to be replaced. Previously, front office management has indicated that the Blues probably would stand pat with their roster given the return of significant players from injury (Andy McDonald, Alex Steen). However, with Steen still slow in his recover, the new injury to Langenbrunner and the injury to Matt D’Agostini, the Blues status as the trade deadline approaches might have just changed from “holding steady” to “modest buyer”.

At the very least, while the Langenbrunner news is extremely discouraging, it might make the trade deadline on the 27th all the more interesting.