Pass or Fail: Blues Slogan Begs Fans to “Don’t Stop Believing”

Pass or Fail: Blues Slogan Begs Fans to “Don’t Stop Believing”

Fresh on the heels of reports that single game tickets are going on sale Saturday, August 27th, the Blues have also released their new slogan for the 2011-12 season: “Don’t Stop Believing”. Tell us what you think – does the new slogan work? How does it compare to past slogans? What do you think they should have used instead?

I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t place much emphasis on what a team’s slogan is in the first place, but this one I feel falls well short of the mark. The Blues have hit some marketing gold in the past with great slogans such as “Do you Bleed Blue?” and “Whatever it takes”. The “Bleed Blue” campaign featured some incredibly creative marketing featuring billboards around the city that showed various ways people were literally bleeding blue, either from wounds or from vampires or IVs. The “Whatever it takes” slogan wasn’t the most original but it summarizes the team’s desire to leave it all out on the ice to bring home a win.

Then there’s the new “Don’t stop believing” slogan. From a marketing perspective, the Blues have really dropped the ball the past two seasons. First, there was the huge debacle of the “Pay half now, half when we make the playoffs” promo that broke sports marketing 101: don’t wager on something you haven’t done. That same year they also used the infamous “Last piece of the puzzle” line, which was ridiculous at the time and even more so when you add in some hindsight. Now the marketing department must be either lazy or simply out of ideas – or both. The line, which instantly makes images of Journey and nearly any karaoke bar you can find pop into your head, hardly summarizes or highlights anything about the team itself.

I’m a fan. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan too. Aside from those that only follow along when the team is winning, none of us have ever stopped believing. To be instructed to do so is almost insulting.

Then there’s the far too obvious connection to another team – Detroit. As the song states, “born and raised in South Detroit”. Fantastic – Blues fans just love teams from Detroit. One would imagine that as it is the team’s new slogan, the Journey song will be played loudly and proudly at each home game – as if any of us can go more than a day without hearing it on St. Louis radio or at any watering hole.

Plenty of fans have already voiced their displeasure through Twitter but I’d like to know what others think of the new slogan. Pass or fail? What would you have rather seen the club use?