On the Day Gretzky Steps Down …

On the Day Gretzky Steps Down …

Wayne Gretzky has stepped down in Phoenix from his position as coach of the Coyotes. So what you ask does this have to do with the Blues? Quite simply, not much. However, it does give us a chance to look back at one of the most memorable plays from last season. Granted, there are a bundle of plays that come to mind from last season, but the one involving David Perron against Phoenix is certainly one you don’t see everyday.

The date was February 24th, 2009 and the Blues squared off against the Coyotes at Scottrade. With Phoenix leading 1-0 well into the second period, Perron dumps the puck in before skating off to change. With David not even looking, the puck lands just outside the Phoenix crease, bounces, and goes in between the pads of Ilya Bryzgalov before settling in the back of the net. No one was more surprised than David who after dumping the puck, turned and skated toward the bench, just to be surprised by the horn going off.

See it for yourself below (Perron’s play takes place roughly at the 1:36 mark), and be sure to check out Gretzky’s face following the play. It is a face we saw pretty often in Phoenix, but those days have come to an end today.

On a different note, David Perron is the latest to join the Twitter world and you can follow him at DP_57.