Updates about the Blog

Updates about the Blog

There have been some changes and a lack of updates recently, so here is a post addressing both topics.

For those of you that actually follow this blog on a regular basis, you have noticed that 1) there have been very few updates and 2) the Fanball Blog Network has been awfully quiet.

I apologize for the lack of hockey talk in this very exciting start to the season, but real life priorities have wielded their ugly head and kept me away from doing what I truly love: writing about the frozen puck. That being said, I definitely have still kept up on the Blues and am blown away by the 7-1-2 start we have witnessed through the first 10 games.

As for point number two, the Fanball Blog Network has shut down. Fortunately, Frozen Notes will still keep burning and churning, but you may notice a few aesthetic changes around the blog, as well as a possible redesign down the road. Who knows.

Prior to these events, I’ve been handcuffed with what I can and can not do in this space what with bringing in other writers, what the design looks like, what features I can use, etc etc.

So what does the future of this blog look like? Well, I’m hoping the future is bright. I’m hoping that even working 10-14 hours a day, I can still make time for the lighter side of the written word. I’m also hoping to have a few fellow Blues fans write here also so that there are other views besides my own represented here.

Stay tuned. Let’s Go Blues!