Jaroslav Halak Out for Round 2

Jaroslav Halak Out for Round 2

Jaroslav Halak

Ken Hitchcock has officially ruled goaltender Jaroslav Halak out for the second round of the playoffs, as reported by Jeremy Rutherford. Questions arose about Halak after the Blues got battered in Game 2, but Hitchcock brushed these questions aside stating Halak is out for the series. If, and this if is growing larger by the day, the Blues advance to the third round Halak’s status might change.

You’ve got to feel for Brian Elliott. His statistics took a beating in Game 2 but it’s hard to truly pin any individual goal on something he did incorrectly. The short-handed goals in the series are directly the fault of his teammates while others have been mostly caused by St. Louis defenders standing, as if in awe, of the Los Angeles offense.

With Halak officially out, Elliott is truly the last line of defense. Jake Allen did make a brief, and I mean brief, cameo in Game 2 but realistically he isn’t an option the Blues want to explore in the playoffs unless they absolutely are required to.